This is gallery of revisions I made for a small iPod earbud wrapper. The earbuds fit in the two holes and after wrapping the cords around, the connector fits snugly in the slot. This was cut out of 3/16″ thick clear acrylic using a CO2 laser.
You can purchase this item on Etsy.

These don’t fit the new Shuffle or iPhone 3GS earbuds with the 3 button remote. I’m working on a new revision for that.

Michael from Cruft had some kinds words about the item: http://cruftbox.com/blog/archives/001553.html


  1. Basic proof of concept
    Notch on top for earbuds
    Nubs on bottom for holding wires
    Slot for securing connector
  2. Made earbud notches deeper
    Moved nubs
    Added wire space on connector slot
  3. Changed earbud notches to holes
    Thickened the wall around the connector hole for add strength and visual complexity
    Moved wire nubs
  4. Made notches in earbud holes deeper
    Moved connector slot so wires wrap correctly
  5. Resized earbud holes slightly for wrapping alignment
    Minor nudges, added aesthetic etched paths to extra space
    Lengthened connector slot considerably
  6. Resized and moved connector slot
    Added owl wing and “O RLY?” etch

Here’s a link to an EPS file if you have laser cutting capabilities: owl-wrap
A clever person from Brazil has made a lovely cardboard version.

Cardboard Owlwrap

Cardboard Owlwrap