“If I was a coder …” Well I’m not. I squatted on the twitter account @twitcognito with the idea to someday make a anonymous tweet thing run via DMs.



Well, thanks to my invite into the new site, I don’t need to code anything. ifttt allows me to set up a task that automates some sort of internet thing. In this case, I just send out the content of a DM as a tweet. That was all DMs sent to @twitcognito get aggregated together and somewhat anonymized. Access is controlled by whom I allow @twitcognito to follow. It will be a bit of an exclusive club. Want to be included? Send @twitcognito a mention and say Hi!

  • ifttt refreshes every 15 minutes.
  • Sensitive or illegal tweets still have a digital trail.
  • ifttt, probably has a limit
  • It requires a human to allow people in

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