One app per weekday

I’m bored (read: boring) so I decided to do a little internet experiment. I will only be using one iOS app or social platform per weekday in April. Here’s the schedule:

  • Monday: Weathermob
  • Tuesday: WordPress
  • Wednesday: Facebook
  • Thursday: Echofon
  • Friday: Google+
  • Saturday: Tumblr
  • Sunday: Vine

Why am I doing this? Let me explain.
I’m stuck on the internet. My communication device is always in my hand or pocket. And therefor I’m always checking the various apps and sites to see if there is something new; to see if maybe I missed something. Once I caught myself opening reddit while waiting for reddit to load, I knew something needed to change. Yesterday I had the brilliant idea of rotating my favorites. I’ll keep to a schedule and only need to check one thing all day. I’ll really dive in if I want, but mostly this is just for focus. If you’re mumbling how even this experiment is stupid and how the the whole internet is a timesuck, then yes. Very good. You’re excused. TTYL.

I’ll see what I actually gain form this experiment in May, but for now, let me explain the choices.

  • Monday: Weathermob Weathermob-big-icon_823
    Weathermob is an odd one to be in the list. It’s a social weather app, just like Untappd is a social drinking app. The users range from dedicated weather enthusiasts who post screenshot from other weather apps, to teenagers using like any other network and posting cartoons and kittens. In between are a whole bunch of nice sunset and cloud pictures. People who know me know that on my Mondays off I’m suited for discussing the weather and not much else.
    Follow me on Weathermob:
  • Tuesday: WordPresswp-for-iphone-icon1
    Wordpress is in there mostly so I can make this post and discuss the project. I also hope to blog more for my own site, upload this piece of art I made, switch from Flash to HTML5 Zoomify interface, and blog for Hive76 at
  • Wednesday: FacebookFacebook-app-icon
    You know Facebook. It’s mostly a catchall of stuff posted from other places and stupid “images” with a bunch of preachy text. This one is in there because Wednesday is a busy day for me, and also chances are that’s where you found this link.
    It’s less likely I’ll add you on FB than anywhere else:
  • Thursday: EchofonEchofon
    And by Echofon I mean my favorite Twitter client and the one I will be using exclusively in April. It’s nice because it syncs unread counts between the app on various platforms.
    Twitter is the best. Follow me:
  • Friday: Google+google-plus-ios-icon
    I’m angry at Google right now. They killed Google Reader! They killed Google Sync! How the hell can they make money on ads if I’ve never clicked an ad? Ugh. Well, Google+ is a thing. There is a good community of 3D printer people there and it does what a social network should, until it gets shuttered.
    Give me all your +1es: (that’s some ugly URL there)
  • Saturday: TumblrTumblr-big-icon_1126
    Tumblr is interesting and I don’t know enough about it. There are people that just click on tags and read all the posts on tags. There are no comments, but reblogs instead. There are well curated blogs that just post black and white pictures of contemporary art. I feel left out. Saturday is for catching up.
    I made a tumblr:
  • Sunday: Vinetwitter-vine-icon
    Vine is new. It’s Twitter’s app for 6 second video loops. Once again, brevity is valuable. Because each post is 6s long, sometimes you let it loop and catch new details every time. It’s a very unique platform and I love posting and catching up on other people’s vines. Also Will Sasso loves lemons.
    Vine has no web interface, so here is an embed of my art on the PECO building crown lights:

So that’s the plan. I am not completely sure what I’ll learn from this, but that;s never stopped anyone before.


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