Here are some neat things I saw at this year’s Rapid Conference. Mostly Vines.

Very large RepRap derived Material Extrusion printer by 3D Printing Unlimited
Very large RepRap derived Material Extrusion printer by 3D Printing Unlimited

3D Printed chair made from glass filled ABS
3D Printed chair made from glass filled ABS

338 hours of Directed Energy Deposition 3D printing in Inconel by Efesto
338 hours of Directed Energy Deposition 3D printing in Inconel by Efesto

I have been using only one social media app or platform a day in April. Today is the last day for WordPress. So here’s a rundown on what I learned.

This is a fun small app and network all about weather. It sounds boring, but everyone was really friendly and the posts were mostly beautiful landscapes. I will be using this more.
I just need to blog more. I have been slacking. I can’t blog all day, so that made WordPress day a vacation.
The iOS app sucks. I know the most people IRL on FB. Still didn’t miss it much on days off.
I love twitter. I missed it greatly. I will probably use it too much now. Sorry.
Not a lot of hourly content. I can do it once a week and not miss a thing. I also like the 3D Printing community.
Tumblr is a weird bird. I feel pressure to curate. For some reason I’m not sure of my dash is now full of B/W art pictures and misty landscapes. I guess I should prune or something. Tumblr remains powerful and mysterious like Minecraft or women.
Vine is awesome. Vinepeek makes me live and feel connected to humanity. It’s odd. I found myself wanting to post to Vine on other days of the week. I’ll be using this more.

I also didn’t use Foursquare at all for a month, because a lot of apps also do checkins. I didn’t miss it at all. Did you miss my checkins? I might delete that.

My mother and I each have a piece in the upcoming show Hack Philly 2.0, part of the Philly Tech Week.



My piece is a print of madame_delano, a digital print that is collaged with a wonderful picture by Jack Delano. My mother Sharon Thompson’s piece is a cross-stitched, fiber art piece made with a pattern I generated from a crop of the engine and orange plume. I made it in KXStitch many years ago and gave it to her on a whim. I have included the pattern at the bottom of this post. After over 500 hours of stitching while watching TV every night, the pattern was transformed into an amazing piece of digital fiber art. I encourage you to see it this Saturday at the Hack 2.0 opening. It is a free event and there is an open bar! RSVP here if you could: I hope to see you there!


Cross-stich pattern: Madame-Delano PDF







I found this new site CONSTRVCT that automates digital garment manufacturing. So I uploaded my design 18 and made a dress. I can’t pull off a dress, so maybe someone else can order it and tell me how it looks. Here’s a link to the design: They have a mens T-shirt, but I can print a few prints on nice paper for the price of one design on a shirt.



My only social media platform I used today was WordPress. I made that nice post this morning, and another about my workshop at Hive76 (that you should attend), and worked all day. Time flies when you’re making stuff.

I did check twitter, but not as much as usual. The main rules is to only post from one app per day. Commenting or retweeting is restricted too. You can do new interesting things with constraints.

I’m bored (read: boring) so I decided to do a little internet experiment. I will only be using one iOS app or social platform per weekday in April. Here’s the schedule:

Why am I doing this? Let me explain.

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This has been a long time coming. The hardest part was the video it seemed. Check it out!

There’s an early backer special reward!

Sorry it took so long but after GoDaddy’s constant upselling, sexist ads, elephant killing and finally SOPA support, I decided to find a different domain registrar and host.
For my domains I know use Hover and for I got a deal with to switch. They both oppose SOPA and gave me nice GoDaddy exodus deals.
I got to do some high tech SSHing and mirroring to move 3 websites and 7 domains over, but I think it went pretty well.

After searching quite a bit, Identifont helped my find Bliss Pro, the font usd for the Amazon Kindle logo. It’s expensive, as all good fonts are, but you can play with it here as a web font.
books rule, kindles drool
Posted here, because no one else on the internet has.

audacity_1 interface

Click for the print's page

After learning a new databending trick yesterday I made a new piece from Val’s prom picture. Check it out!